Keep it up folks! With another couple dozen card requests mailed out, we are growing stronger by the day.

306: Still going!

The more signatures we add to our petition in the next few weeks will help us overcome any legal challenges and turnover with overwhelming numbers!

How did we do it?

We hustled, we scrambled, we scrapped and scraped and clawed our way to 300 by talking to our colleagues, answering their questions, and understanding their concerns. Our nascent union is off to a great start!

Don’t Take it From Us

Hear what your unionized professional colleagues have to say!

The fact is, some of the highest paid employees at the City are already union. Their contract guarantees they are getting ahead every year, whereas the rest of us are falling behind. Sign our confidential petition today and help us qualify for a secret vote to unionize. There is no obligation from signing: Everyone will enjoy the benefits of the contract, but membership and dues are voluntary! We are confident you will see the benefits of membership once you see the terms of our first contract!

Let’s make history in 2023!

Help Fund our Organizing Effort

We are now accepting small donations to help defray expenses such as web hosting, post office box, mailers, office supplies, and organizing events (such as our upcoming coffee & pizza events!).

To date, our volunteers have spent over $1500 out of pocket to help create a more fair, just, and equitable workplace for all employees. All expenses and reimbursements are approved by at least 3 committee members, who review all receipts and bank statements on a routine basis. After a successful vote we will incorporate as a non-profit union and transfer our banking and all cash balances to that legal entity, subject to all accounting rules. You can donate by clicking on the GoFundMe link below. Thank you for your support!