Join the Constitution & Bylaws Committee


We need to draft a constitution & bylaws before we can conduct our elections this fall.  We want a document that has many voices of input and is patterned after known, successful constitutions of other labor organizations.  We have scheduled meetings each WED at noon.

Most of the work of this committee will be completed offline and by use of Google docs to comment and edit our working draft(s).  So the good news is that you will not always need to attend the weekly meeting.

If you can offer your help, please email the treasurer with your information so we can include you as part of the committee.

UPDATE:  The draft constitution is complete and has been submitted to the Organizing Committee for review and then a vote by the members.

Join our Discord! (No, not an argument.)

Email sucks, we all hate it. As a way of fostering better communication and collaboration, CPPW has established a Discord server for the members to use to engage in a more relaxed and chat-like way. Discord is a collaboration platform that was developed to support the gaming community. It has a more whimsical feel tha, say, Microsoft Teams, but it has all the same features, text, voice and video chat, file sharing, public and private channels.

If you feel comfortable diving right in, just go straight to The Water Cooler Channel and sign up. More info on getting started and how to Discord is available on the CPPW Discord Page.


Kick in for your union! In order to get this union fully functional we have fees to pay, legal bills to negotiate a contract, and costs to host meetings. You won’t pay dues until we have a contract, but you can voluntarily kick in as much as you like now.

You can donate by clicking on the PayPal or Venmo links below or scan the QR code with your mobile device. Onward to a contract!


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