No Printer? No Time? No Problem!

Volunteers are standing by to help make this easy for you. You can also find our authorization (petition) cards on most union boards throughout City facilities including in all Portland Building mail rooms. Your signature on our confidential and obligation-free petition simply helps get us to a vote! That’s all. Wanna vote? Sign today and we’ll be one step closer!

Hey Coordinators, Let’s Unite!

Are you an unrepresented City of Portland employee who is not currently managing anyone and doesn’t have first-hand knowledge of the City’s union contract bargaining positions? If so, you’re eligible (regardless of what others may tell you!). Coordinator I-IIIs, Administrative Specialist I-IIIs, Capital Project Manager IIIs, Analyst I-IIIs, Financial Analyst I-IIIs and many others…all eligible! And, gulp, we are the last 10% of city staff who are not benefiting from contract protections. Why?