Class Comp Study Resources

The consultant running the study, Evergreen, is asking you to fill out a Job Assessment Tool (JAT!) and a Virtual Survey – please do both before July 19th

Update: We’ve just heard that the deadline has been extended to July 31, 2024!

Want a visual? Access the recording of the CPPW Info Session on 7/10/24.

Important Distinction: Class Spec vs Position Description

Classification Specification:
In the JAT, the consultants provide you with a link to your classification specification and ask you to inform them about which tasks from the document you do or don’t do.

Find your class spec on the City website here. Broad, right? This is not enough information to describe your work.

Position Description (PD):
CPPW is encouraging every member to use their Position Description to describe their work and after filling out the JAT, email your Position Description to the consultants directly at [email protected].

How to find your PD?

  1. The PD may be the language used in the recruitment for your current position on GovernmentJobs.
  2. You might have written your PD if you have been in your current position since the class comp study of 2018/2019.
  3. Email your HRBP and ask “Can you send me my Position Description, please”.
  4. If you can’t find it – this is the moment to write your own using the tools below.

How to Write a Position Description: 

Use these tools and worksheet to create a robust and detailed description of your particular work. Be sure to focus on the specifics of what you do and the expertise that is required by your work.

Do not focus on what you *might* do or what you *could* do, but just what you actually do.

  1. Position Description Instructions
  2. Position Description Worksheet
  3. Position Description Form
  4. Task Statement Examples
  5. Action Statement Examples

Bargaining Event – May 21

  • Want serious raises in 2025?
  • Want more fair remote work scheduling and in office exceptions?
  • Ready to have cash out options for your vacation leave?
  • Think we should evolve Management Leave into a fair & equitable Earned Leave policy?

Then, it’s time to show the City that you are ready to do something about it!

The CPPW Contract Action Team is calling out all CPPW members to come join us and highlight our priorities and our collective power to the City!

Tuesday, May 21
CPPW will be providing lunch
Noon – 1pm (Note: New Time!)
Portland Building Room 217 for lunch, Room 216 for Bargaining

RSVP now to let us know you’ll come
or that you can’t be there in person but want the digital swag to support remotely.

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Healthcare FY2024-25

Update about the changes to healthcare costs in FY2024-25. The $25 per month surcharge to Moda and Kaiser standard plants is not ideal, unfortunately, this was the best option of two bad options for the biggest number of CPPW members.

Labor Management Benefits Committee (LMBC) worked on the benefits plan for how to absorb the double-digit increases for the self-insured (Moda) and Kaiser plans, 11.9 and 14.1 percent increases, respectively. The LMBC was unable to come to consensus on a path forward leaving. The City proposed making adjustments to control their own costs by shifting more of the costs on to members through increased costs, increased deductibles, larger copays, and much higher out of pocket maximums.

Labor rallied together to mitigate costs to members and changes to healthcare coverage.

CPPW presented information about this healthcare change during the April 2024 general membership meeting. The City required all labor unions to sign on to the FY2024-25 surcharge in order to avoid potentially much larger and certainly more ambiguous changes to the healthcare coverage for City employees. CPPW leadership put the proposal for a $25 a month healthcare surcharge to a vote of the general membership at the April 2024 general membership meeting. General membership voted to approve signing the letter agreeing to the surcharge.

Next Steps

The LMBC will convene beginning in May 2024 to work to understand healthcare cost increases, mitigate costs while maintaining high quality, accessible, comprehensive healthcare coverage for members. Beginning this process now means we will have more time to develop strategies for addressing the healthcare cost crisis.