In order to secure a contract, we have to bargain with our employer, the City of Portland. This bargaining process is a time for members to prioritize our demands, build our power, and get what we want for our workplaces.

The People:

Bargaining is led by the Bargaining Team, a small body of members that is elected by the general membership to represent our best interests in the negotiations. The Bargaining Team will be elected in Winter 2023/2024.

The Bargaining Team is advised by the Bargaining Committee, a broad group of members that research issues, gather information, and connect with members about the union’s priorities.

The Bargaining Team will coordinate with the Contract Action Team during negotiations. The Contract Action Team is a network of workplace leaders, communicators, messengers, and members that take action in support of the bargaining team and to build power to get a strong contract.

The Bargaining Team reports to the Organizing Committee (or the Executive Committee once union leadership elections are held) and to the General Membership at the general monthly meetings.


Stages & Timeline: 

Research & Preparation: Now! We are currently preparing, studying, training, consulting, and getting ready for bargaining. We are also building a workplace network for the Contract Action Team so that we can Launch negotiations with the majority of the members officially signed on as “Members in Good Standing”*.

Negotiations & Member Feedback: CPPW hopes to begin bargaining in January 2024. The bargaining process has no set timeline. The Bargaining Team will regularly hold information sessions and communicate through the Contract Action Team in order to prioritize and make decisions about specific issues during the negotiations. We hope to move quickly and secure a tentative agreement within the year.

Finalization: All members in good standing* will be invited to vote on the final contract. The contract requires a majority YES vote from participating members to be ratified.

   * What is a “Member in Good Standing”? All people in the classifications represented by the City of Portland Professional Workers Union are members of the union. However, not all members are allowed to participate and have a voice in the union. In order to receive all the benefits of the union and have a voice in union decision making, you must agree to be an Official Member of CPPW.  Member in Good Standing is a member that has officially signed their union card agreeing to union membership and agreeing to paying dues once a contract is ratified. Dues will be established by a vote of the membership before the contract is ratified. A union with high percentage of Members in Good Standing is more likely to get a strong contract, have a voice in deciding the future of this city, and have good protections on the job. It is important to sign up as a member. Sign up now! It takes 2 minutes. 


Bargaining Issue Sessions:

It is time to put our heads together and think about what we want in our contract with the City of Portland. The Bargaining Committee is hosting Bargaining Issue Sessions to give us the time to discuss and dig into specific issue areas that will be a part of the negotiations.

Every member is encouraged to be a part of these issue sessions. Participating now is the best way to make your voice heard on contract priorities.

Every Monday, noon – 1pm, zoom link 

Click here to download a visual of the Bargaining Issue Sessions Calendar

Here are the topics:

9/18 – Working Conditions

9/25 – Evaluation & Discipline

10/2 – Leave

10/9 – Compensation

10/16 – Deferred Compensation & Retirement

10/23 – Hiring & Firing

10/30 – Career Development

11/6 – Technology

11/13 – Management Issues

11/27 – Insurance