We Got This!

People are exerting their power for the first time in a long time. This is Democracy at work. Unions are winning elections all over the country (see the article from Vox below). Do you think our region and the world would be in the state it’s in if people had stood up over the last 200 years and demanded better from their governments and employers? No! Now is the time, and it starts with us. Time to stand up for ourselves and create the future we want for ourselves and our families, starting with the workplace. And democracy only works if we stand up together.

So join us today! It starts by signing our confidential, no-obligation petition (available for download on this website, on union boards throughout the city, or contact us and we’ll mail one to you along with a postage-paid return envelope). Signing truly obligates you to nothing! After a successful election, you will receive all the benefits and protections of a contract whether you decide to join our union and pay dues or not – it’s entirely up to you! In other words, you have nothing to lose and a whole LOT TO GAIN (including a lot more money over your career with the City – enough to add years to your retirement in fact)!