Committees are activated & ready for you!

Administration & Communications

This team builds the structure for the membership, manages database of members & supporters, organizes meetings & gatherings, creates the website, figures out how to communicate well with all the members, makes cool swag!

Bargaining Committee

This team includes the actual bargaining team that will negotiate with the City for our contract and several issue committees that inform the bargaining. No expertise needed! There are varying levels of time commitment on issue committees but the negotiating team tends to be a bigger commitment of time.

Organizing Committee

This team acts an “Executive Committee” for the union right now until we elect an official Executive Committee. This team sets the agendas and facilitates the meetings, coordinates with our lawyer, pays the bills and tracks our budget, and is responsible for developing the process to create bylaws, Constitution, and Shared Values documents for the organization. Organizational Development people are encouraged to join this team!

Stewards Network

This team is all about member support! They will be building a network across the union of leaders and points of contact in each workplace, bureau, and/or team. You will be trained as local experts on our worker rights and responsibilities. You’ll be the person who distributes union info and welcomes new members in your bureau. Team builders & organizers – this is a great place for you!

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Meeting Minutes:

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