Using the CPPW Discord

Introducing the CPPW Discord Server

Email sucks, we all hate it. As a way of fostering better communication and collaboration, CPPW has established a Discord server for the members to use to engage in a more relaxed and chat-like way. If you feel comfortable diving right in, just go straight to The Water Cooler Channel and sign up. Use the invite code: pmUmkf4dAz.

What is Discord?

Discord is a community chat and collaboration platform similar to Teams and Slack. Discord originated in the gaming community, so it has a more whimsical feel. It has the same general features we’re familiar with from Teams, group chat, voice and video chat, file sharing, public and private channels.

Discord can be used on all platforms. We can access via web browser or apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

How Do I Discord?

Start at our default channel, The Water Cooler. You can access via a web browser and decide later if you want to get the apps. There is an easy to use Beginner’s Guide at the Discord website.

We have also created a graphic quick-start guide (thumbnail below). If you need help, you can tag the Admin, Connor Anderson using the @cwanders tag on Discord or email him at cmananderson at

Feel free to dive in. We expect everyone to obey reasonable standards of decorum and behavior towards one another. Abuse and toxic behavior will not be tolerated. Click image for a larger, more readable version.

An annotated image of the CPPW discord server.