Classification Study Update

You should have gotten an email on Monday, June 17, 2024 inviting you to participate in a Classification and Compensation study.

This is a part of our contract bargaining.

Top things your Bargaining Team wants you to know:

  1. CPPW wants this to happen.We encourage every single member to participate! This will affect your classification- be seen & heard. The Bargaining Team proposed that the City do this study to better understand the our work and build a contract that meets our needs.
  2. The City’s initial email was not great.CPPW was told that this process would start in July and were as surprised as you to receive that email. The City sprung this on everyone and did a poor job of communicating about the purpose of the study. This is not a good engagement and we have followed up with the City to make sure we are on the same page moving forward.
  3. The goal is to have a robust and clear classifications system. Your Bargaining Team is working to narrow the broadest classifications (coordinator, analyst, administrative specialist, maybe others) to make our work, our promotion opportunities, and working out of class clear. We want a classification system that allows for more career growth or specialization, supports thoughtful seniority protections, and  creates upward promotion opportunities that do not necessarily rely on becoming a supervisor.
  4. The City and the hired consultants are not offering enough options for participation.Most of the options for the orientation and focus groups are in-person at the Portland Building and happening within the next week. CPPW is pushing for more options! Make sure you request alternative options if none of the offered options work for your schedule.
  5. Our union is here to support us during this process.The study is a multi-step process. CPPW will be sending out suggestions and tips for each step of the process to help us all participate fully. If you need accommodations, have concerns, or want support, reach out!

Tips for the upcoming orientations and focus groups: