Are we going to get COLAs and Merit raises?

Update – COLAs are confirmed! Merit Raises tied to SuccessFactors are considered part of Status Quo and will continue for July 2023.


Pay increases and true cost of living adjustments are core reasons why we all came together to organize this union! CPPW is committed to getting our full and deserved pay increases this coming fiscal year. 

CPPW legal representative is in talks with the City of Portland right now to negotiate strong fiscal year raises for the whole membership. If we cannot secure the raises before July 1, we will prioritize negotiating for retroactive raises.

It is not clear how merit raises and SuccessFactors will work for our members this July, but we are investigating and will report back.

The great thing about being in a union is that we have both power and protection. The Status Quo clause is one of those protections. It is a legal clause that protects workers that are in a union but don’t have a current contract. It prohibits our employer from retaliating against us with pay cuts or layoffs while we negotiate our contract. 

Crucially important – while Status Quo prohibits the employer from *unilaterally* changing the terms and conditions of our employment, it does not prevent changes to the terms and conditions of our employment that are agreed upon by the employer and the union. 

Our employer can always propose wage and benefit increases and the union can agree to those improvements that are fair to our members – with or without a contract.  

CPPW Leadership is working hard on this and will likely need your support! To get involved in bargaining, sign up for the bargaining team here. And stay tuned for updates!