Contract Action Team

The Contract Action Team is a group of members that take action in the workplace to support bargaining.

Contract Action Team is open for members – we want at least one team member in every bureau!

What you’ll do:

  • Get early information and insider scoop on bargaining issues;
  • Check in with your coworkers & let people know that you are a point of contact for the union;
  • Host in-person or virtual office hours where coworkers can stop by and ask questions, get swag, sign a card (Donut lunch or Break Room Coffee Chat or Virtual Open House to talk about particular bargaining issues). You’ll always have support from another CAT member or a bargaining team member!;
  • Help get content (pics, etc) for social media;
  • Help coordinate actions – hand out buttons, share virtual background with colleagues, ask people to take bargaining surveys.

Why this is important:

  • The only way – only way! – to win a strong contract is to have an active and engaged membership. You would be a part of engaging people to stay informed and take action on issues that matter to our careers, our families, and our future.
  • The Bargaining Team needs support. It’s a big job to bargain the contract, we need other folks who are in all parts of the City to help communicate about what the team is doing and give feedback on crucial contract issues.
  • This is a way to participate in the union that is fun, social, and time limited. You don’t need a ton of time to be a great CAT member!


Email [email protected] or [email protected]