If you didn’t receive your ballot in the mail: What to do?

Ballots are being mailed to City employees in the following classifications:  The Administrative Specialist Series (I-III); the Analyst Series (I-III); the Financial Analyst Series (I-III);  the Coordinator Series (I-III); the Environmental Regulatory Coordinator classification; the Multimedia Specialist classification; the Hearings Officer classification; and the Technology Business Representative classification, and some misc. positions.

If you did not receive a ballot in the mail and believe you should have, contact us at the CPPW and we can check our list of eligible workers to confirm whether you can vote.  If you can and need a ballot, you MUST follow the procedure below as specified in law (Employee Relations Board, Chapter 115, 115-025-0072):

(C) If any individual believes they are eligible to vote but they do not receive a mail ballot, they may contact the Board to request a provisional ballot. Such provisional ballots may be challenged or resolved according to this Board’s rule, OAR 115-025-0051(3).

Contact the Employment Relations Board (ERB) here (after you have verified with us that you are eligible to vote and still need a ballot):


We strongly recommend picking up your provisional ballot in person so as to ensure your ballot can be mailed in time to be counted (the deadline is June 5- anything postmarked afterward will not be counted).

The complete ERB rule can be viewed [ HERE ].