Member Question: Management Leave

The current system of Management Leave is mysterious, confusing, and inequitable. We can do better!

Management Leave is a City policy (HRAR 8.03) that grants up to 80 hours of additional paid leave per calendar year to non-represented employees “who are not eligible for overtime compensation” with the intent to “recognize exceptional additional individual efforts, performance, and achievements, including but not limited to beyond the standard workweek.”

Management Leave can be granted to non-represented employees at the discretion of their supervisor and bureau director. In practice, a small number of employees get the full 80 hours of additional leave each year. Some of us get less than 80 hours a year. Some of us are denied Management Leave altogether. And others have never known that getting Management Leave is an option. 

This is a flawed system that is fueled by favoritism, bureau budgets, and the whims of our supervisors. We can change this, together, at the bargaining table.

We work hard, during and beyond scheduled hours when needed – we get the job done. This dedication should be fairly compensated.

By organizing together, we can do better! 

As a union, we will be able to bargain over issues like Management Leave with our employer and create a clear system for earning or receiving additional leave. We will also be able to bargain around related issues like overtime, leave accrual schedules, and comp time.

Members will keep the Management Leave they have previously accrued and we will be able to bargain a more just, equitable, and fairer leave system that does not rely on managerial discretion. 

Interested in being a part of the bargaining team and working on issues like this for our union? Let us know!